What’s going on with the Worthogs in 2015

Written by Zak Holmes on January 29, 2015

We already have one meeting under our belts as I write this and I will admit that I have not done the greatest job in keeping everyone updated on this website, we tend to use Facebook for the majority of our posts and events and will probably continue to use the as our main source of keeping club members informed of upcoming events. That being said we are going to have lots of events going on this year, we are going to try and make 5 brewfests this year starting with the Fond du Lac Brewfest on February 7, if anyone is interested in coming and serving for a couple of shifts please contact me. We are also planning on being a part of the Columbus Arts and Ales festival, Colonialefest, Ducktoberfest, and the Beans, Bacon and Beer fest in Sun Prairie, we will keep you informed as we know more about what our roll will be in those events. In addition, we will always have our monthly meetings which are held on the 4th Thursday of every month and the majority of those meetings are at the Nitty Gritty in Sun Prairie starting at 7:00.


Congratulations to Hannah Stoffs for winning the second annual Brew or Cry Challenge, we look forward to drinking her winning Belgian Pale Ale at One Barrel Brewing in the future, maybe it will get put on tap for Madison Craft beer week as this was when Peter’s beer went on tap last year. Our first Brew or Cry Challenge date is the march meeting and we should have teams pick by the end of this weekend. Speaking of Madison Craft beer week, I was contacted by Ben Feifarek from the Wine and Hop Shop about doing an east side (SPWH) vs west side (Bluff Hoppers) club competition. Both clubs would brew around 4 beers and then they would be put on tap at an event during MCBW and have attendees vote for their favorite, Ross Harms (President) from the Bluff Hoppers is a good friend of mine and this will be fun to have a little competition betweens the two clubs.


Lastly, it appears that one of our own club members could be opening a brewery around October and I know that everyone in the club is as excited about this as I am, I have talked to with this member quite a bit about what our role as a club will be with his brewery and he wants us to be involved so if you ever had any ideas about opening a brewery now is the time to tell those ideas to him and maybe they can get used. We should as a club try to support him as much as possible and I know that we will.


I look forward to the upcoming year knowing that this could be one of the best years for our club yet.


Zak Holmes