Brew or Cry 2014

Brewers Challenge 2014

WINNER:  Hannah Stoffs

New Format
6 Team Captains will be chosen by the e-board, based on their scores from the first year’s challenge and their willingness to be a captain.

Each Team Captain will draft club members, forming teams of at least 3 brewers. After teams have a total of 3 brewers, additional brewers will then be placed onto teams until there are no more eligible brewers left in the club. Where upon any new members joining the club shall be added to existing teams by way of the draft order.
The team captains that are chosen to face-off during the challenge will mutually agree on a style of beer from the Beginner (1st round), Intermediate (2nd round) and Advanced (3rd round) category.

Once a style of beer has been agreed upon, it must be presented to the e-board and placed in the competition log. Selections made by team captains are based on a first come, first serve basis, and each set of two teams are required to have a different beer choice so that there are not 3 of the same beer style to judge.

If teams are unable to agree upon a style of beer, then the e-board will choose a style of beer that is in the team’s best interest to brew.!

Each team may enter a maximum of 3 beers per competition, which will subsequently be judged and placed in order from 1st through 6th place.

Winning team after 3 rounds will face off against each other for the grand prize and bragging rights of 2014 Brewer of the Year for the SPWH!

Point totals
1st =12   2nd=10   3rd=8   4th=6   5th=4   6th=2

Extra points can be awarded for entering into a competition outside the club. Only one
competition score will be awarded per beer in the Brew or Cry challenge but brewers
may enter multiple competitions to get the best possible score counted. Points can be
awarded up to the 3rd round judging.

Extra points are awarded of BJCP scores
20-30 = 2   30-40 = 4   40-45 = 6   45-50 = 10

Team Rosters

(C) denotes Team Captain

 Team Zak

Zak Holmes (C)
Mike Manders
Theron Issacson
Brian Sellung


 Team Mary

Mary Martin (C)
Jeff Scanlan
Rod Melotte
Dennis Egre
Dale Wieselman

 Team Victoria

Victoria Bennett (C)
Garry Puzach
Hannah Stoffs
Karl Siekert

 Team Charlie

Charlie Marcotte (C)
Jason Mayerle
Joel Franke
Kris Hinzman


 Team Peter

Peter Zoellner (C)
Greg Shultz
Dan Nelson

 Team Josh

Josh Kurutz (C)
Chris Villanueva
Dan Mickelson
Andy Widstrand


Round 1
Beginner Brew

Mary v. Victoria

Charlie v. Zak

Peter v. Josh


Round 2
Intermediate Brew

Mary v. Zak

Charlie v. Josh

Victoria v. Peter

Round 3
Advanced Brew

Mary v. Josh

Charlie v. Victoria

Zak v. Peter

List of Styles by Difficulty


Point Standings

Team Scoreboard

74 TEAM ZAK**  (68 + 6 bonus points for BJCP sanctioned score)

*Only the 3 best scores from each team are counted.  
There were only 3 instances where 4 or more entries from one team placed in top 6.
Regardless of how the numbers were tallied, the teams rankings were unaffected.

Brewer Stats

36 Dan Mickelson
28 Gary Puzzach
26 Zak Holmes
26 Jeff Scanlan
26 Theron Issacson
22 Karl Siekart
22 Hannah Stoffs
20 Josh Kurutz
18 Dale Wieselman
16 Brian Sellung
16 Charlie Marcotte
16 Victoria Bennett
16 Jason Mayerle
16 Rod Mellotte
14 Dan Nelson
12 Chris Villanueva
10 Greg Schultz
10 Peter Zoellner
8 Kris Hinzman
8 Dennis Egre
8 Collin ?
4 Mary Martin
2 Andy Windstrand
2 Joel Franke
0 Mike Manders

Round 1 Results (basic)

American Pale Ale

(Teams: Peter v. Josh)

1. Dan Mickelson
2. Josh Kurutz
3. Chris Villanueva
4. Collin ?
5. Dan Nelson
6. Peter Zoellner


Oatmeal Stout

(Teams: Victoria v. Mary)

1. Gary Puzzach
2. Hannah Stoffs
3. Rod Mellotte
4. Jeff Scanlan
5. Karl Siekart
6. Mary Martin
7. Victoria Bennett

Irish Red Ale

(Teams: Charlie v. Zak)

1. Theron Issacson
2. Zak Holmes
3. Kris Hinzman
4. Brian Sellung
5. Jason Mayerle
6. Joel Franke
7. Charlie Marcotte
8. Mike Manders


Round 2 Results (intermediate)



(Teams: Zak v. Mary)

1. Dale Wieselman
2. Jeff Scanlan
3. Rod Mellotte
4. Theron Issacson
5. Zak Holmes
6. Brian Sellung
7. Mary Martin
8. Mike Manders

Belgian Dark Strong

(Teams: Charlie v. Josh)

1. Dan Mickelson
2. Charlie Marcotte
3. Jason Mayerle
4. Josh Kurutz
5. Chris Villanueva


(Teams: Peter v. Victoria)

1. Victoria Bennett
2. Dan Nelson
3. Gary Puzzach
4. Karl Siekart
5. Peter Zoellner
6. Hannah Stoffs


Round 3 Results (advanced)


Munich Dunkel

(Teams: Mary v. Josh)

1. Dan Mickelson
2. Jeff Scanlan
3. Dennis Egre
4. Dale Wieselman
5. Josh Kurutz
6. Andy Windstrand
7. Mary Martin
8. Chris Villanueva
9. Rod Mellotte


(Teams: Zak v. Peter)

1.Zak Holmes
2. Greg Schultz
3. Theron Issacson
4. Brian Sellung
5. Peter Zoellner
6. Collin ?
7. Dan Nelson


(Teams: Charlie v. Victoria)

1. Karl Siekart
2. Hannah Stoffs
3. Gary Puzzach
4. Charlie Marcotte
5. Victoria Bennett
6. Jason Mayerle
7. Joel Franke