About the Club

The Sun Prairie WortHogs are a homebrew club that meets once a month to help brewers make better beer. There are competitions, education nights, style nights, socials, games, guest speakers and, of course, homebrew tasting. Come by and experience a meeting for free, and if you like it come back the next month. Annual dues are only $25.00

Our Mission

The Sun Prairie Worthogs are a homebrew club with the intent of helping brewers get the best results from their homemade beer.

About the Meetings

The official meeting runs from 7:00 to 9:00 with a social hour kicking off at 6:00.  Typically we stick around for a pint or three afterwards. Our club meetings are fun and are a great place to collaborate and connect with other homebrewers. We sometimes have games and, of course, we taste some homebrew.

Our official meeting place is the Nitty Gritty in Sun Prairie, if attending for the first time ask for us at the hosts desk.  On rare occasions, our meeting time & place are subject to change.  Check out our Calendar or Facebook Page for updates.

We have 3 different types of meetings scheduled regularly.
See Schedule Here


Education nights are filled with 15-30 minute presentations on various topics. We cover grain, hops, water, yeast, extract, all-grain, equipment, styles of beer and how to enter competitions. Our goal is to learn something new about homebrewing every at meeting.

Brew or Cry Challenge

The Brewers Challenge is meant to be a small series of competitions between dues-paying members of the SPWH.
It is meant to help push brewers out of their comfort zone and get them brewing smaller batches to prepare them for multiple competition entries.


When we’re not challenging each other or having some homebrew knowledge dropped on us, we have gatherings to socialize, sample each other’s brew and talk beer.  We’ll maybe cover some odds & ends about the club.


Bring your beer to the next meeting, we would love to taste it and if you want we can help evaluate it and give you feedback. There are a few tips and tricks to making better beer if after your first couple of batches you are not getting the results you were looking for. Almost all of our club members have gone through this and are now making better beer.

Award Winning Brewers

Our club has produced some Gold, Silver and Bronze award winning brewers, including two brewers, with three best of shows between them. We can help you enter competitions and maybe even help you win some medals.

Club Phone # (608) 57B-REW7  (608) 572-7397
Club e-mail:  sunprairieworthogs@gmail.com

2022 SPWH Board Members

Matt Boyd, President
Andy Attwood, Vice-President
Adam Joyce, Secretary
Jason Boynton, Treasurer
Tony Kapugi, Competition Coordinator

Our club was founded in 2009 by Jeff Scanlan, who continues to share his vast beer knowledge, and tasty homebrews. You can try his beer at Ooga Brewing Company in Beaver Dam, WI.