2021 Brew or Cry

BREW OR CRY:  Brewers Challenge 2021

This year we’re continuing with the format set forth in 2017, giving brewers a few styles from which to choose.  We’ve made a few minor tweaks to ensure tables aren’t stuck judging 15 beers, nor a 3rd of 3 entry scoring the same as 3rd of 15.  Please read the updated rules below.

The Rules
• There will be 3 regular rounds of competition, with 3 styles in each.
• Limit TWO entries per team, per category, per round.
(3 teams X 2 entries = 6 maximum entries to be judged)
• Each team will be responsible for at least one entry into each category, for rounds 1-3.
• The 4th and final round will be for the winning team and winners of the Mini Best in Show*
• Collaboration brews:
         -You must declare the head brewer, only they will receive individual points for this beer
         -Co-brewers cannot judge in a category in which they brewed/assisted
         -You must declare if you were involved in brewing any collaborations
         -If a team has only one entry in a category, but all individual brewers have submissions,
         the team can submit a team-collaboration brew, which will receive TEAM points scored only.

• Styles are based on the 2015 BJCP Guidelines.
• Brewers must submit 32-36oz. of beer for competition nights to ensure enough for judging process.  Bring extra if you want to share with everyone.
       Ideal packaging for your entries will be in non-distinct bottles, growlers (ie. no stainless steel, branded etc..)
       – TWO 22oz generic brown glass bomber, THREE 12oz generic brown glass bottles, ONE 32oz swingtop brown glass bottle or ONE 32oz growler

**The Brew or Cry Challenge is, and always has been voluntary. We hope that you want to have some fun, and that this new format is something that interests all members enough to participate.

You will be seated with others who brewed the same style as you.  If you collaborated, please make board members aware if there is a potential that a brew you were directly involved in, might be judged by you.  We will reassign you to a non-conflicting category for judging night as you are not permitted to judge in a category you brewed in.

The board has chosen these 9 common beers/styles for the 2021 competition.  This provides a fair amount of choice to all competitors, in each round.  The selection of styles increase in difficulty each round, while still leaving options for brewers of all skill levels.

ROUND 1 – April
  Styles Level
  Hefewiezen Basic
  Tappist Single Basic
  British Golden Basic
ROUND 2 – June – Clone Wars
  Styles Level
  Spotted Cow Clone Wars
  Zombie Dust Clone Wars
  Fat Tire Clone Wars
ROUND 3 – October
  Styles Level
  Baltic Porter Advanced
  Weizen Bock Advanced
  White IPA Advanced

2015 BJCP Style Guidelines

*Additional beer styles may be added if club membership increases enough to necessitate expansion.

**The board reserves the right to reevaluate scoring system.


Volunteers were placed in the role as team captains.  Club members that wanted to participated were then drafted by the captains for team participation.

Zak H. Tony K. Jason M.    
James A. Alex & Cassi Nate H.    
Bert Peter S. Jason B.    
Greg V. Alan O. Don N.    

The Final Round
The winning team after 3 rounds will disband to compete against each other for the grand prize and bragging rights as the  2021 Brewer of the Year for the SPWH!  Mini Best in Show winners will also invited to final round of the BOC.

*If a brewer on the winning team failed to enter a single beer in 2017 competition, they will be excluded from the final round.

The winner of Round 4 will go on to brew that beer at Local Brewery.

Team Points

Team points are calculated based on the average of the top three scores for each team.  The team with the highest total through the first three rounds will be moved onto the fourth round to compete against each other and the mini best of show winner from each round.

Teams Score
Team Boyd 27.33
Team Joyce 30
Team Attwood 26.66

Individual Points

Name Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Jim Albrect 8 14    
Matt Boyd 14 16    
Jason Mayerl 16 16    
Bert Cook 12 12    
Andy Attwood 16 6    
Adam Joyce 16 16    
Zak Holmes 10 8    
Tony Kapugi 8 12    
Alan Oakland 10 6    
Jason Boyton 12 10    
Peter S. 14 14    
Alex & Casi 12 12    
Nate Hughes 8 14    
Greg V. 14 8    
Don N. 10 10    

Round 1 Results

Hefewiezen   Trappist Single   British Golden
Entry Name Avg Score Points   Entry Name Avg Score Points   Entry Name Avg Score Points
1 ALAN OAKLAND 29.5 10   1 JASON B. 30 12   1 MATT B. 31.25 14
2 ANDY ATTWOOD 40.75 16   2 PETER S. 34 14   2 ALEX 24.5 12
3 BERT 37 12   3 JASON M. 39.6 16   3 DON 23.75 10
4 NATE H. 24.25 8   4 ZAK 27.4 10   4 ADAM 35.25 16
6 GREG V. 38.5 14   5 JIM 26.8 8   5 TONY 18.75 8

Round 2 Results

Spotted Cow   Fat Tire   Zombie Dust
Entry Name Avg Score Points   Entry Name Avg Score Points   Entry Name Avg Score Points
1 Andy A 29.7 6   1 Peter 33 14   1 Alex 38.7 12
2 Tony 34 12   2 Bert 22.3 12   2 Jason B. 33 10
3 Jason M. 42.7 16   3 Adam J. 41.6 16   3 Nate 44.8 14
4 Zak 31.2 8             4 Alan O. 24 6
5 Don 32.5 10             5 Matt B. 45.3 16
6 Jim 35.2 14             6 Greg V. 31.7 8

Round 3 Results

Baltic Porter   Weizen Bock   White IPA
Entry Name Avg Score Points   Entry Name Avg Score Points   Entry Name Avg Score Points
1         1         1      
2         2         2      
3         3         3      
4         4         4      
5         5         5      

Round 4 Results