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Brew Design / Calculators

BrewToad A great web-based brew builder, built-in style chart helps guide you to balancing your beer.  This is a great place to share recipes too.
YeastCalc A collection of useful formulas


Look for these podcasts on the web, the iTunes store, or via your favorite podcast app.

Brew Strong from the Brewing Network. Over 6 years worth of valuable brewing discussions.

Basic Brewing Radio & Basic Brewing Video These veterans of the hobby have a lot of good info to share

BeerSmith from the creator of the brewing software of the same name

Brewing TV from the crew at Northern Brewer.  Check out the old episodes, they rarely release new videos nowadays.


Grains, Hops & More!

Cannery Wine & Spirits – Not only does our local homebrew supply store have supplies, they have a fantastic selection of craft beer.

Brew & Grow – These guys have a massive selection of brew grains, hops & yeast strains.  We also get a 10% discount on our ingredients here.

Wine & Hop Shop – The original homebrew supply shop in the Madison area has everything you need.

On The Web – A blog dedicated to deals on brew gear, check it daily – A shop that sells stainless ball valves, disconnects etc… for a fair price

Adventures in Homebrewing – A shop in Michigan with fair prices, great sales and fast shipping