Brew or Cry 2016

Brewers Challenge 2016


New Format
6 Team Captains will be chosen by the e-board, based on their scores from the previous year’s challenge and their willingness to be a captain.

Each Team Captain will draft club members, forming teams of at least 3 brewers. After teams have a total of 3 brewers, additional brewers will then be placed onto teams until there are no more eligible brewers left in the club. Where upon any new members joining the club shall be added to existing teams by way of the draft order / as discretion of the board.

The team captains that are chosen to face-off during the challenge will mutually agree on a style of beer.  Once a style of beer has been agreed upon, it must be presented to the e-board and placed in the competition log.  If teams are unable to agree upon a style of beer, then the e-board will choose a style of beer that is in the team’s best interest to brew0.

Each team may enter a beer for each brewer on the team, but only the TOP 3 will be awarded “TEAM POINTS”.  Individual points will still be awarded

Winning team after 3 rounds will face off against each other for the grand prize and bragging rights of 2016 Brewer of the Year for the SPWH!

Point totals
1st =20   2nd=18   3rd=16   4th=14   5th=12   6th=10  (and so on…)

Extra points can be awarded for entering into a competition outside the club. Only one competition score will be awarded per beer in the Brew or Cry challenge but brewers may enter multiple competitions to get the best possible score counted. Points can be awarded up to the 3rd round judging.

Extra points are awarded of BJCP scores
20-30 = 2   30-40 = 4   40-45 = 6   45-50 = 10

The board reserves the right to reevaluate scoring system to maintain a fun competition, while continuing to challenge brewers

Team Rosters

(C) denotes Team Captain

Team Theron Team Victoria Team Peter Team Karl Team Rod Team Joel
Theron Isaacson (c) Victoria Bennett (c) Peter Schroder (c) Karl Siekert (c) Rod Melotte (c) Joel Franke (c)
Jason Mayerl Zak Holmes Peter Zoellner Dan Mickelson Brian Sellung Jeff Scanlan
Charlie Marcotte Hannah Stoffs Garry Puzach Josh Kurutz Dan Nelson Brian Brockman
Chris Erickson Mary Martin Collin Hormig Troy Bronk Tom Thrun Greg Schulz
Matt Boyd Kris Hinzman Andy Widstrand Jason Boynton Kyle Sauk Kevin Karls
Nathan Hughes Alan Ledrowski ?Jeffrey Augustine Zach Lee ?Dennis Egre
?Chris Heczko Ruben Mota ?Dale Wieselman


March Meeting Team Theron vs Team Karl Dry Stout
Team Victoria vs Team Rod Black IPA
Team Peter vs Team Joel Belgian Golden Strong
May Meeting Team Theron vs Team Rod  Hefeweizen
Team Victoria vs Team Joel  California Common
Team Peter vs Team Karl American IPA
Sept. Meeting Team Theron vs Team Victoria  Saison
Team Peter vs Team Rod  Wee Heavy
Team Karl vs Team Joel  Ordinary Bitter

2015 BJCP Style Guidelines

Point Standings

Team Scoreboard

*Only the 3 best scores from each team are counted.



Brewer Stats

54 Garry Puzach
52 Zak Holmes
50 Jason Mayerl
50 Peter Schroder (c)
48 Matt Boyd
48 Nathan Hughes
48 Peter Zoellner
44 Dan Nelson
42 Joel Franke (c)
40 Dan Mickelson
34 Hannah Stoffs
34 Jeff Scanlan
30 Chris Erickson
26 Kevin Karls
24 Karl Siekert (c)
22 Theron Isaacson (c)
20 Victoria Bennett (c)
20 Andy Widstrand
20 Zach Lee
18 Kris Hinzman
18 Alan LeDrowski
18 Greg Schulz
18 Alan Ledrowski
16 Brian Brockman
12 Charlie Marcotte
12 Brian Sellung
12 Troy Bronk
8 Rod Melotte (c)
6 Kyle Sauk
6 Team Peter Entry
6 Team Karl Entry #3 (Dan’s Coffee Stout)
2 Jeff Scanlan #2 Cal Common


(updated 9/28/2016)