El Hefe’s Desk – January Meeting

Written by Zak Holmes on January 31, 2014

January’s meeting was a blast, we got to cover topics from the Brew or Cry to what each meeting will bring throughout the year. I think that this year may be one of our best with all of the events that we have coming (Brewer’s Game, Worthogtoberfest, NHC, and the Hop Head tour to name a few). NHC (National Homebrew Conference is probably one of the biggest events that this club will be a part of, there will be seminars, club night, meet pro-brewers and the competition if one of the Worthogs can make it that far! Here’s a link to the Mashing in Michigan site to learn more http://www.ahaconference.org I am really looking forward to going to this and i hope we can get at least 5 members if not more to also go. Remember you will need to have $285 by the middle of Feburary to register for the conference.