BJCP Sanctioned Competitions

One of the best ways to get true and honest feedback on your homebrew is to enter a BJCP sanctioned competition.  There’s a wide variety of feedback you’re going to get from friends and family, but the value tends to vary greatly, and it depends a lot on their taste in beer.

Homebrew competitions sanctioned by the BJCP are organized by trained judges.  They have a discerned palettes and great breadth of beer knowledge.  Sure, your beer might taste great and every one you know likes it and pounds pint after pint, but is there something you’re missing that could make it better?  BJCP scoresheets can provide you with valuable feedback to help you take your recipe/technique to the next level, or just confirm that you’re an amazing brewer and why haven’t you opened a brewery yet?

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Here is a list of upcoming BJCP sanctioned Homebrew Competitions in the area:

Badger Brew Off 2016 – TBD

The Schooner Homebrew Championship 2016
Entry Fee: $8
Entry Deadline: August 28th, 2016


2017 Midwinter Homebrew Competition
Entry Fee: $8
Entry Deadline: TBD
Competition Date: TBD
Phone Number: (262) 524-9546
Location: Milwaukee, WI, US
DROPOFF LOCATIONS NEARBY:  Brew & Grow (Williamson St) and Wine & Hop Shop (Monroe St)

Grumpy Troll Challenge 2017 – TBD


AHA List of BJCP competitions

If you don’t see something listed here that you think should be, contact

Other NON-BJCP sanctioned competitions

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