Allows full access to club meetings including demonstrations and experiments, club tasting and pouring events (minus any associated event charges), bulk buys, free access to club equipment including jockey boxes, and much, much more!



Would you rather spend your cash on beer at the meetings?  Thought so!

Now you can pay your 2023 club dues online and get a receipt for it!

A small portion of your dues (approx. $3) goes to the club’s annual insurance policy to protect the club from any major legal entanglements.  We always encourage responsible consumption and general human decency in this club.  Don’t be a jerk, but we’re insured if someone unpleasant/irresponsible slips through. 🙂

Annual dues are $25 if you pay in cash/check.
There is a $1.00 service fee for PayPal payments… apparently corporations need their cut for providing services.