El Hefe’s Desk- February Meeting

Written by Zak Holmes on March 24, 2014

Our meeting in February was an educational meeting in which we learned about yeast washing from Rod and Victoria. We got some pretty good information out of that on how to clean your yeast and what techniques to use so you don’t have oxygen in your boiled water so the yeast goes dormant. The club was also treated to a presentation on how to build a remote temperature monitor which allows you to check ferment temps from your phone or from work, Jason did a great job!

Jason and myself are also the only two club members going to the NHC in Grand Rapids, Michigan this year. The conference runs from June 12th-14th and will have some great seminars. There are still tickets available and we have a room which could probably accommodate a few more people, let me know if you are interested.

Next months meeting is March 27th and is our first Brew or Cry Challenge date, it will be at the normal 7:00 time and we will be in the back room.