Club Meeting + Brew or Cry 2016 – Round 4

Written by Dan Mickelson

Our first meeting of the new year will be an exciting one!

We’ll discuss some new business, events and plan for the year.  More importantly, those who survived Brew or Cry 2016’s first three rounds will be duking it out for the club brewmaster of the year!

Club Meeting: OFF-FLAVOR Meeting

Written by Dan Mickelson

This is our first foray into the world of Siebel Institute’s Sensory Training Kits.  We’ll be sampling beers intentionally spiked with off-flavors and discuss how those flavors are derived in finished beer.  This is a meeting you won’t want to miss.  We plan to explore this further in 2017!

PAID MEMBERS:  $10 cover charge, This is why you pay dues, learn and enjoy, the club is picking up a portion of the tab.
(Pay online:

NEW/UNPAID MEMBERS:  If you are attending for their first time will be asked to pay $20 to participate in the tasting.
(Pay online:


Club Meeting: Style Night!

Written by Dan Mickelson

We’ll be taking a tour through various styles of beer, from a certain region and discussing the nuances / differences of each style, and where that comes from.

Club Meeting: Brew or Cry Round 3

Written by Dan Mickelson

It’s the penultimate round of the Brew or Cry, the round that decides who moves on to the championship round. Who will battle in the next level for that glorious shot at brewing your beer at One Barrel? Who will sob into their empty pints? If you don’t brew, you can’t win. If you do brew and you don’t win, at least you still have some tasty homebrew… in the end, we all win, don’t we?

The styles are: Wee Heavy, Saison and Ordinary Bitter
(Reminder, since we have a higher abv beer and you might be judging it, it’s recommended that you have a solid dinner and drink responsibly)

Disclaimer: Beer entries are is for paid members only. If you have not paid dues in 2016, your beers will be disqualified and team/individual points will be thrown out of the competition. WE ALWAYS WELCOME NEW MEMBERS. If this is your first meeting, you’re in for a treat. You’ll be seated with a couple teams and take part in judging one of the sytles.

Good Luck everyone!