I would recommend helping this project out on Kickstarter. This would be an excellent tool for brewing as it’s a way to keep track of your temperature in the fermentor and the gravity. I know every time that I pull a sample off my fermentor and measure the gravity it’s a sample I’m never gonna […]

Brew Kettle – Stainless Hop Screen

I wanted less trub going into my fermenters and had problems with my brew kettle bazooka screen getting clogged.  I looked into making a hop spider, when I came across this site. I bought the 6″x10″ hop screen for my 8 gallon megapot and used it for the first time this weekend.  Here’s what […]

Spiedel Fermenters

I bought two of these in 2013 and I love them.  Wide mouth is easy for cleanout. Built-in handles for transporting or shaking up your wort to aerate make life easy. I bought the 30L (7.9gal) and 20L (5.3gal) with the intent to use one for primary fermenting and the smaller for bottling or secondary […]