2018 Scoreboard

Welcome to the 2018 season of Brew or Cry ladies & gentlemen.

We’ve upgraded our already, super high-tech scoring system to a LIVE scoreboard this year!  Your scores, comments and team standing will be available immediately after the meeting.  This page will be locked and hidden during on judging nights to allow for suspense.

You will see multiple tabs below for Team, Individual, Round / Style Rankings, along with the raw scores so you can look back and see what you did right, or not so right.  The raw data fed from the score sheets will be sorted by style so that you can easily find your entry and look at some of the judging notes.  The judge names will be hidden from public view to protect people’s feelings and all that, but this information is kept available to the board members for review purposes.  Remember, no one likes being told they have an ugly baby, but we’ve all brewed up a bad beer. Learn from your mistakes.

It’s important to stay objective when reading notes about your beer.  Everyone’s palette is different, and there are various levels of tasters in the club.  Instead of 2-3 BJCP score sheets you might find from veteran judges in a sanctioned competition, you’re going to see 6-10 scores from a wide variety of palettes.  Our data has shown that no matter the skill level, the scores from novice to experienced Brew or Cry judge average out and yield the same ranking as it would without novice taster scores being considered.  Experienced beer judges in our club are encouraged to be more vocal at the table to help guide others.  As Jeff Scanlan says, “aromas are sometimes like a foreign language.  We have to help each other build connections to what we’re smelling / tasting, and then verbalize it”  (he said something like that, but we were drinking, i should probably have him write it)

If you find any errors, please email sunprairieworthogs@gmail.com